TBI Ball Screw Nut SFU series for CNC machine for hot sale!!!

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Tianjin Xingang port
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Milled Thread
the maximum length is 2 meters
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Tianjin, China (Mainland)
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1 year
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Round flange,double cutting H type,no flange
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Long life and low noise
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TBI Ball Screw SFU series for CNC machine for hot sale!!!  


We can process the end of ball screw for you.


Function of ball screw:


Ball Screw is made of screw and ball nut . It's function is to turn the rotary

motion into linear motion.,which is a future extension and development of ball

screw. The significance of the development is to move into a rolling bearing

from  sliding action. With little frication, Ball Screw are widely used into

various industrial equipment and precision instruments.




1.Machine tools
2.Industrial machinery Printing, paper-processing, automatic machines, textiles, etc.
3.Electronic machinery Robot, measuring instruments, medical equipment, X-Y table, factory automation equipment, etc.
4.Transport machinery Material handling equipment, nuclear reactor-actuator, etc.
5.Aircraft applications: aircraft flaps, actuators, airport loading equipment, etc.


Four kinds of ball screws:


Precision Ground Ball Screws 
  1.8 to 14 mm screw diameter range
  0.5 to 15 mm screw lead
  Up to 660 mm (26.0 inches) overall length
  Accuracy grade C0, C3, C5
Precision Rolled Ball Screws 
  4 to 120 mm screw diameter range
  1.0 to 40 mm screw lead
  Up to 4000 mm (157 inches) overall length
  Accuracy grade Ct7 or Ct10

Cylindrical type nuts
Flange type nuts 
  2, 4, 6, or 8 hole pattern


Our TBI SFU series ball screw data:


Our Taiwan TBI Ball screw features:

1, high efficiency

  Ball screw, free-rolling ball force and motion passed between the screw and nut, this drive instead of a direct role in the way the traditional threaded screw vice screw and nut minimal rolling

friction instead of sliding friction of the conventional screw, and greatly reduces the friction so that the ball screw transmission efficiency greatly improved. Precision ball screw transmission

efficiency reaches above 90%, the traditional sliding screw in most cases only about 20-30%, and further, the driving torque of the whole transmission vice reduced to about 1/3 of the sliding screw

vice. Precision ball screw series of testing equipment and quality control process to ensure the realization of high transmission efficiency.

 2, the temperature rise is small

  It is precisely because the ball screw transmission efficiency of 90% or more, and thus the heat generation rate can be greatly reduced. The superior precision ball screw ball track surface

quality, as well as strict size ball contact friction between the ball and the track to a minimum.

 3, high-precision

  Small temperature rise in the movement of the ball screw, and stretched to compensate for thermal elongation and pretension to eliminate the use of axial and other measures to eliminate axial

clearance, pre-stretch of the screw and the equipment for high positioning accuracy and repetition positioning accuracy.

 4, high-speed

  After a well-designed, precision ball screw friction is extremely small, allows the machine to run at high speed, to meet the needs of today's overloaded high-speed.

 5, high rigidity

  The preload i.e. to eliminate the axial clearance between the screw and nut, it is necessary the use of ball screw. Although doing little to improve their friction the available transmission

desired high rigidity while significantly reduce the axial backhaul clearance. Special precision ball screw design and operating process to meet customer requirements, provide accurate pretension

ball screw stiffness.

 6 reversibility

  Based on the above characteristics, and the ball screw is not the viscous friction of the sliding screw, eliminating crawling phenomenon may occur in the transmission process, precision ball

screw can be smoothly realized two transmission mode - the rotary motion into linear motion or linear motion into rotary motion, in which power is transmitted at the same time. As shown.

  Way: screw do the active rotary motion to linear motion drive nut.

  Second way: Nuts do active rotational movement of the drive screw linear motion.

 7, the long-life

  Precision ball screw on the the screw track shape accuracy, surface hardness, and the choice of materials to be strictly controlled, much higher than the design life expectancy in the proper use

and maintenance conditions, the actual life of the ball screw.

 8, low energy consumption

  The combination of the high efficiency of the entire ball screw drive starting torque is small, so that the input power of the system to reduce.

 9, synchronization

  As the smooth operation, the high response (high rigidity), and manufacturing consistency, using the obtained good synchronized action, in the program of multiple sets of ball screw drive the

same device or a plurality of identical components.

 10 simply maintains

  In most cases, as long as good general lubrication and dust.

 11, the operability of the user

  Users of precision ball screw can be directly involved in the whole process of the design of the screw.





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